Could Your Teen Be Struggling with Grief? 3 Signs They Need Professional Grief Counselling

5 February 2021
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Teenage is one of the most challenging stages in the life of a person. The teen will be handling a lot of emotional, academic and social pressure as they try to transition from a child into an adult. The young adult might have a hard time adapting if they experience any tragedy during these years. If your teenager has undergone or is going through a major life change, you should watch them to ensure they are coping well. 

If the child is going through something that makes them grief, consider getting a grief counsellor to help them. You can organise grief counselling sessions for them as soon as you discover that they might be drowning in sorrow. These three signs will let you know it is time to involve professionals. 

When They Withdraw and Isolate Themselves

People react differently to loss and grief. Your teenager might withdraw from the world after losing a parent, friend or pet. Withdrawal is a common reaction to grief because ordinarily, teens are at a stage in their life where they are not free with their emotions. Consult with a counsellor if your teen starts locking themselves in their room and refusing to go out for social gatherings. 

A grief counsellor will engage them in a dialogue and help them understand that their feelings are valid. These counselling professionals will come up with a system that helps the grieving teen feel, validate and release the emotions.

When They Start Lashing Out

Lashing out is usually another common language that most people use to express their hidden pain. When your teenager lashes out at you, it is the inner child in them begging for reassurance. They want to hear that despite everything they have lost, they will be fine. 

Remember that teenagers have a narrower worldview than you. They have a hard time dealing with life when everything around them is changing and falling apart. However, grief counselling sessions are the perfect way to reassure the child that loss and change are parts of life.

When They Start Abusing Drugs

Get a professional counsellor for your teen when they start abusing drugs after suffering a loss. Drugs provide a temporary escape from difficult emotions, but they don't help solve the real problem. In fact, drugs only create bigger issues such as addiction in the long run. If your teenager has started using drugs to deal with grief, take them to a grief counsellor. The expert will help the child deal with all the complicated things going on in their inner world. They will also help them work through the grief stages and reach acceptance.

If your teen is struggling with grief for any reason, ensure they get professional help. The essential step is finding a grief counsellor to guide your child through this difficult time in their life. The professional will steer them away from self-harm and promote healthy emotional healing.