How to Prepare a Teenager for their First Psychiatrist Visit

2 June 2021
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Pediatric psychiatrists help young teens deal with depression, anxiety, tic disorders, drug and substance abuse, and eating disorders. However, parents need to be keen because stigma is associated with psychiatric care, particularly among adolescents. That said, the way you prepare your teenage child for their first psychiatric visit determines the effectiveness of treatment. This article highlights essential tips for preparing your adolescent child for a psychiatric visit. Involve the Whole Family Read More 

Could Your Teen Be Struggling with Grief? 3 Signs They Need Professional Grief Counselling

5 February 2021
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Teenage is one of the most challenging stages in the life of a person. The teen will be handling a lot of emotional, academic and social pressure as they try to transition from a child into an adult. The young adult might have a hard time adapting if they experience any tragedy during these years. If your teenager has undergone or is going through a major life change, you should watch them to ensure they are coping well. Read More