Grounding Techniques Your Counsellor Can Teach You

4 November 2022
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Suffering from anxiety can often mean that everyday tasks become challenging. You may find it difficult to socialise, leave the house or stay confident at work. Using counselling services is a great way to overcome some of these challenges. The counsellor who treats you may decide to teach you some grounding techniques that bring you into the present moment and away from your anxious thoughts. Here are a few examples.

Focusing on Taste 

When your anxiety arises you may spend a lot of time thinking about past or future events. One popular grounding technique involves fully immersing yourself in the taste of something you're eating or drinking. Choose something to eat or drink and then fully focus on each sip or bite. You can make mental notes of tastes and textures. You can also focus on the way the food or drink feels as you chew and swallow it. Performing this task for a few minutes can bring you back to the present moment and reduce anxious thoughts.

Meditative Walking

Meditation doesn't just involve sitting still and reflecting. Your counsellor can also teach you the art of meditative walking. Meditative walking can involve counting every step you take as you walk so that your focus remains on something in the present. Or, you can take the technique further and make a note of specific colours and shapes around you. Walks can take place both indoors and outdoors, which is useful if you're too anxious to go outside. Walking around also burns off restless energy and can boost your happy hormone levels. 

Temperature Therapies 

Temperature therapies are accessible to almost anyone and they're excellent for in-the-moment grounding. The easiest method involves submerging your hands in water that's either a little colder than normal or a little warmer than normal. Try doing this slowly and make a mental note of how the sensations affect different parts of your hands as the submersion takes place. You can also try placing your hands on something warm or something cold, such as a heated blanket or a piece of ice. Mentally noting the physical sensations can bring you into the current moment and away from your anxieties.

If you choose to use counselling services, you can learn slightly more advanced grounding techniques that are personal to you. Your counsellor can offer guidance on the techniques that could benefit your form of anxiety and they'll help you adapt your approach as your treatment progresses.

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